About CIC

  • 2007

    September CIC was established in Beijing, China, and set up its Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors and Executive Committee. Mr. Lou Jiwei served as Chairman & CEO.

  • 2008

    JanuaryCIC set up the Investment Committee and the Risk Management Committee.

    September 幸运28首页CIC launched its official website.

    OctoberThe Chinese government endorsed the Santiago Principles.

  • 2009

    JulyCIC inaugurated the International Advisory Council.

    JulyCIC released its first annual report.

  • 2010

    NovemberCIC International (Hong Kong) was incorporated.

  • 2011

    January幸运28首页The Board of Directors extended the investment horizon to 10 years.

    January幸运28首页CIC opened the CIC Representative Office in Toronto.

    MayCIC hosted the 3rd annual meeting of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds and released the Beijing Declaration.

    September幸运28首页CIC International was established.

  • 2012

    FebruaryCIC approved the 2012–2016 Strategic Plan of Development.

    July幸运28首页CIC launched CIC Culture Consensus.

  • 2013

    JulyMr. Ding Xuedong took office as Chairman & CEO.

  • 2014

    JanuaryCIC launched the Risk and Performance Analysis System (the Fengye System).

  • 2015

    JanuaryCIC Capital was established.

    NovemberCentral Huijin Asset Management Ltd. was incorporated.

  • 2016

    JanuaryCIC adopted the Reference Portfolio framework for asset allocation.

  • 2017

    May幸运28首页CIC Representative Office in New York came into operation.

    December幸运28首页CIC successfully exceeded its 10-year investment performance target.

  • 2018

    DecemberThe State Council approved CIC’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022.

  • 2019

    April幸运28首页Mr. Peng Chun took office as Chairman and CEO; Mr. Ju Weimin took office as CIC Vice Chairman and President.